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January 1999

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January 1998
January 1999


January 22, 1999

Results of 98 Annual Class Meeting

Vote on Class Officers:
The proposed slate ran unopposed and was elected by a vote from the Secretary. The class officers for 1999 shall be:

Commodore: Don DiStefano
Vice : Ward Brooks
Rear : Randy Sittler
Treasurer: Jeff Brous
Secretary: Tim Shiebler
Measurer: Glenn Schimdt

I would like to publicly thank Dianne Schimdt for years of work at various posts in the association and Jon Baker for stepping in as Secretary in 98 literally at a moments notice. Thank you both, again.

Vote on proposed By- Laws Changes:
With 22 of 27 dues paying members present, the proposed changes where approved by a vote of 20 for, 0 against and 2 abstaining. 3 mail in ballots where received, all in favor of the changes. One addition was made to the wording of the "Grandfather Clause" after some discussion. The first addition to the By- Laws will read as follows:

Any boat built prior to 1976, or any fiberglass boat with a valid measurement certificate AND original underwater appendages, shall be effectively "grandfathered" until such time that any repair is made including; refairing of rudder, skeg or centerboard, with the exception of maximum rudder length. ALL rudders shall be subject to the maximum length restriction of 21 inches, regardless of construction date or standing measurement certificate.

The By- Laws will be distributed to all dues paying members for 1999. The 1999 dues bill is included in this newsletter. Pay up before July 4th or the $10.00 late fee prescribed in the By- Laws will be collected this year!!

I feel strongly that these changes strengthen the "One Design" aspect of our boats. Thanks to all who supported the changes and those who added some healthy skepticism to the debate over the year. Now that the changes are included in the By- Laws, A Class Measurement Protest Committee is forming to address all measurement protests. Glenn Schmidt as Measurer and Rudy Sittler will serve, a third member will be selected shortly. I will state now that although protests will be accepted at any time, protests between July 4th and Labor Day will be discouraged. In other words, if you have a problem with someone’s boat, make your complaint known EARLY and LOUDLY. Let’s all sail fast and fair and leave it on the water. The Summer is to short too play sea lawyer or marine architect.

Proposed locations for the 1999 Class Championship:
Three clubs in order of preference as voted upon:

Babylon YC 2. Moriches YC 3. Bay Shore YC

Larry Shiebler, Bob Linekin and Glenn Schimdt respectively, have contacted the three clubs. Bay Shore YC has tentatively agreed to host this series. Moriches and Babylon have not responded as of this writing. Final word from all clubs is expected by early February. Look for an update in the March newsletter.

Narrasketuck One Design Association 1999 Dues Notice:
Please fill out this form and return to Jeff Brous no later then July 4th 1999. Make checks payable to: Narrasketuck One Design Association.

All dues paying members will receive a copy of the By-laws, 1999 membership card and NODA Notes Newsletters. In addition, members will be eligible to be scored in GSBYRA sanctioned races and compete in the Class Championship in September.

1999 Member dues……$ 30.00 ( after 7/4/99, $40.00)
1999 Associate dues….. $ 7.00 ( after 7/4/99, $10.00)


Kareoke Night at Bayshore YC
Saturday, February 6th, come on down to Bayshore Yacht Club, especially if you are one of those frustrated singer types! $15.00 per person. RSVP to Gretchen Stang at 669-0536. Bring an hors d’oeuvre and join the fun! Start counting down to Spring sailing. This is a club function that we have been invited to.

Tuck Parts Bank
HELP!! If you have any extra parts, sails, rigging or spars get in touch with me. People have been contacting me all Winter looking for masts, booms, tracks, sails and any other conceivable part you can use on a Narrasketuck. I would like to get any spare parts consolidated in my shed to dole out as needed. If you have parts you just want to get rid of, or better stuff you would like to sell, CALL ME NOW! (563-2174)

New Owners & (Pre) First Splashes
#166 Robert Barnfield #167 Jim Mayor

WELCOME!! Hope to see lots of you guys this season. WHEN do we add Phil L. to this list???!!!


Forget about 30 days to Pitchers and Catchers!
ONLY 126 days until:

3rd Annual West Cup @ Narrasketuck YC!!
Maybe LESS if George gets us up to Yale this year!!

Get your boat together early. Join the fun
and spread the word, Tucks are great boats!!!


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