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Narrasketuck O.D.A.


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1. "How fast is it?" Faster then a Flying Scot or Lightning. Almost as fast as a Thistle or Star! (Portmouth Handicap Rating) Planes easily in 12 knots of breeze. Planes upwind!

2. "How tough and durable is the hull?" Nine of the first ten fiberglass boats raced in the 1997 Championship series. A 30 year old plywood boat finished second overall!

3. "Looks complicated." Faster then the other sport boats with NO spinnaker! Looks are deceiving, six simple controls make the boat easy to balance in any wind condition.

4. "Is it competitive with other fleets?" Be the first in your handicap fleet for line honors every time!

5. "How strict is the One Design?" Hull #3 continues to compete. Hulls #5, 70 and 85 are being restored.  Plank, plywood and fiberglass boats have been built for 65 years and all are contenders.

6. "How comfortable is it?" Tucks can be sailed in one foot of water! They are wide, stable platforms. You can walk around the gunwales, try that on one of the new sport boats!

7. "How many people can fit in it?" It's raced with a minimum of two. You can daysail a Tuck with the whole family. Ask about the day sail rig.

8. "How hard is it to launch?" Hoist or ramp your Tuck into your favorite body of water or come visit the home fleet in New York! At 800 pounds, the Narrasketuck is easily trailered by any car and can be rigged in less than 30 minutes.

9. "What is the insignia supposed to be?" In 1934, one of the founding members of Narrasketuck Yacht Club was a Chrysler car dealer. When the club sponsored the design of a new racing sloop, he suggested the "Pontiac Indian Head" which was the emblem of the day for Chrysler! The Narrasketuck's were the Indian tribe that originally lived in the Amityville, NY area where the club in located today.


Find out more about sailing and owning a Tuck by calling or e-mailing the Fleet Commodore at:

Don DiStefano




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